Google I/O 2022  What to Expect?

May 11,12 2022

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Google's Annual Dev conference Google IO is taking place on May 11 this year from 10 AM PDT.


Things to Expect!

Here are some new things to expect at this year's Google IO Event.


1.  Android 13

2.  Wear OS & Pixel Watch

4.  Smart Home

3.  Pixel 6A

5.  Google Pay


Android 13

Google's New iteration of Android OS is going to release at Google IO 22. Android 13 Beta is already released for Google Pixel devices.



Wear OS 3 & Pixel Watch

Pixel Watch is already seen live in the wild, we are expecting more news on Wear OS 3 and stock experience at this year IO.



Google Wallet & Pay

We have seen google is gearing up to rebrand its digital wallet, and Google “Wallet” is coming back. what are their plans with Google Pay is yet to unveil.



Google Home

There has been talk of a new Nest Hub display with a tablet-like design, Google is going to discuss more on Google Home devices at IO this year.



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Google Pixel Watch is here. Almost!

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