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Google IO 2022 : What to Expect & Where to Watch?

Its I/O time again. Google IO – Google’s Annual developer conference, is merely a week away. As already announced, Google IO 2022 Edition will take place on May 11 and 12th this year starting 10 AM PDT from Shoreline theatre in California. From announcements and technology deep-dives to bringing the developer community together, I/O is a unique experience for everyone who loves All things Google.

This year, there is distinction where all the keynotes & overview (What’s New in ) sessions will be held on the first day and second day will be on-demand technical sessions. The keynotes focus on company and product news, while technical sessions focus on product announcements and updates.

As published in the Program for Google IO 22. although there are numbers of things to watch and see at the conference here are some of the best ones we are excited about.

What to Expect at Google IO 2022?

Although, Google IO is mainly a developer conference for Google products and services. Google never shy away from launching new stuff during these events. Like last year in Google IO 2021, google announced Android 12 and Material You Design.

Android 13

Last Week, Google has already launched their beta for Android 13. while, there is not much changed from the Android 12. the main focus for android 13 will be user’s privacy. We expect Google to announce how the final version of android 13 will look like with lot of magical features and tricks (Remember Magic eraser?)

Wear OS 3 & Pixel Watch

At this time, We have already caught the most-anticipated Pixel Watch in the wild. Although, There are quite low chances we will see Pixel Watch being unveiled at IO this year, we hope to see the newest Wear OS 3.1 and we hope to see how the stock experience of Wear OS will look like.

Google Home

There are five sessions directed to Smart Home at this year’s IO Agenda. Google is already cooking something in this space with their recent updates in Nest hub space. Recently we have seen that Google Nest Hub will soon show your Fitbit step count, calories burned and Google Fit integration.

There has been talk of a new Nest Hub display with a tablet-like design, and such a device will likely require an upgrade to Google’s smart home platform.

Google Pay

There is a What’s New in Google Pay Session on the google IO Agenda. Google Pay has been in the spotlight again recently. We have seen google is gearing up to rebrand its digital wallet, and Google “Wallet” is coming back. what are their plans with Google Pay is yet to unveil. Hope they dont confuse them with each other just like they have been doing with their messaging apps.

Pixel 6A

Everyone is excited about the cheap sibling of the Pixel 6. Pixel 6a is slated to be released at Google IO this year. unlike every year being launched around July – August, we are hoping to see the budget king will be unveiled at IO and shipping may start later.

Pixel 6A is definitely going to borrow the best from Pixel 6. Recent Leaks unleashed lots of features, it will probably come with a 6.2-inch OLED display, an in-display fingerprint scanner and Google’s Tensor chipset like Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. In terms of optics, the upcoming Google phone will reportedly feature a 12.2MP Sony IMX363 main sensor along with a 12MP Sony IMX355 ultrawide shooter

What to watch at IO 22?

Google I/O keynote : May 11 , 10 AM PDT

Developer keynote : May 11 , following the Google I/O keynote

What’s new in Android | Day 1

Hear the latest news on everything happening in the world of Android development: Android 13, Jetpack, tooling, performance, and more!

What’s new in Google Play | Day 1

Discover new features designed to help you optimize acquisition, engagement, and monetization, and build safer apps.

Google Assistant functionality across Android devices | Day 2

Assistant has integration paths on many Android devices. Learn how you can add voice features to your app.

Designing apps for large screens | Day 2

Learn about key optimizations for adapting apps to large screen devices, such as tablets and foldable.

What’s new in Chrome OS

Learn how Google is supporting innovation with Chrome OS and enabling developer success with tools and guidance.

Expand your game with Chrome OS

Learn about gaming on Chrome OS and how to bring your Android, Steam, and PC games to the platform.

Creating beautiful, power-efficient apps for Wear OS | Day 2

Discover modern, power-efficient Wear OS development with Compose for Wear OS (Beta) and Health Services.

What’s New In Google Home | Day 1

Discover a new era for Google Home — the best platform for smart home developers to build and innovate.

Building smart home apps with the Google Home mobile SDK | Day 2

The Google Home mobile SDK lets you build Android Matter apps with great setup, device sharing, and control experiences.

What’s new with Android TV and Google TV | Day 2

Learn what’s new in Android TV OS, including new features and tools to make developing apps for TV faster and easier.

Where to watch Google IO 2022?

You can still register for the event at io.google/2022 to ensure you will be able to watch all the content at any time, on-demand. You will be able to catch the main keynote on Google’s official YouTube channel and a number of the technical sessions on the Google Developers channel.

Google I/O is virtual and free for everyone. You can save content to My I/O with your Google developer profile dashboard throughout the two-day event and watch on demand at your convenience.

What else to do at Google IO 22?

I/O Adventure

Chat with Googlers, ask product questions, engage with the developer community, and broaden your technical knowledge. Earn Google Developer profile badges and virtual swag. Create an avatar and look for easter eggs. Try Google’s new products and features through a sandbox experience.

Learning Labs

Grow your knowledge in the I/O 2022 Learning Lab with resources about the Google technology you love or want to learn more about. Codelabs and learning pathways are always-on, self-guided learning experiences that help you adopt Google technology. Earn developer profile badges for completing select learning pathways.

We are definitely excited about this year’s IO as seeing new Android and Google Service getting more smarted and cooler every year with their amazing AI and ML capabilities is surely All about Google.

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