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Google Pixel Pass Subscription: More than meets the eye

Just like Apple one subscription, Google is planning to unveil their Pixel Pass subscription combining their premium services for their premium phone buyers.

Identical with every Pixel Launch, This has been a “Mega leaks” week for Google Pixel News. Everything related to next week’s launch of Pixel 6 has been leaked on social media for almost the last 6 months. (that’s the reason we don’t want to bore you with every new leak!)

According to an unconfirmed bundle in a leaked image published by Brandon Lee, Pixel Pass will be a subscription-based service combining all the google services and hardware into one bundle.

Picture Credit : @thisistechtoday

What is a Pixel Pass subscription?*

As per the Image, the Pixel Pass fairly matches the infamous Apple One subscription. Apple has two separate subscriptions for apple hardware (iPhone Upgrade Program) and apple services (apple one). Unlike Apple, Google is smartly trying to combine the best of both worlds.

From the image, it seems Pixel Pass will combine three things:

  • Pixel Phones with regular upgrades (so you can upgrade your pixel every year by trade in older ones)
  • Four google subscriptions: YouTube Premium or YouTube Music, Google One, Play Pass, and Google Fi. These services cover video and music streaming, cloud storage, an app subscription bundle, and mobile network coverage
  • Extended device warranty via Preferred Care or Device Protection.

How to subscribe to Pixel Pass?

Just like Apple Care Services, Pixel Pass will be sold via Google Store or their own mobile network Google Fi. The only thing you will have to do is buy a Pixel phone in order to get it. Also, it will provide you the ability to trade in your old phone to get a shiny new Pixel every year.

Another catch here, as Google Fi is a custom MVNO and has a very small number of users, the Majority of users who would want to get Pixel Pass-through Google Store will be required to go through Google financing (hope this gets changed later on). Google financing (partnered with synchrony bank) is a very sub-par experience and involves credit hit.

What’s Next for Pixel Pass?

With this rumored subscription it will be interesting to see where does google takes it from here. Will it available in other countries where the pixel is really having a fan base like India or Canada? How much it will cost? Will google include their gaming platform Google Stadia in it? Will the family plans be allowed in Pixel pass? All these are questions for future. And hopefully, We will have to wait just another week to find it out.

What do you think about the Pixel Pass, Let us know in the comments

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