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Google’s worst nightmares: Pixel 6 pre-orders and shipping

Pixel 6 is ready for pre-orders, but Let’s face it! Google has never been a champion for handling Pixel orders or deliveries. They have always shown great showmanship and thoughtfulness while launching the devices or creating new innovations with Pixel, but that’s it. Once the devices are launched, all that’s left is chaos and Reddit pages, full of complaints.

Pixel 6 Pre-orders started the moment the Pixel Fall launch event started, and within a couple of minutes, the google store went haywire. From people getting kicked out of check-out pages to People waiting for hours to get their orders in.

The Pixel 6 had a great hyped release and a successful launch. they look really promising, No doubts about that. But creating a great product and launching it is just half a battle. And somehow, Google always misses this part. This shows in the Pixel 6 Pre-order issues everyone is facing right now.

Google Store – the main culprit

Their main portal to order Google products is the Google store ( in most countries). It has a great minimal design and Googley feel to it, and that’s great. But when it comes to performance it is not even on par with a small online retailer. It crashes out on the checkout page. Things go out of stock and re-appear after a while or after refreshing. And sometimes, the product you are trying to order goes out of the cart at the very last moment. Simply terrible user experience.

Not sure if they were trying to limit the pre-orders or streamlining the stock for Pixel 6. But, overall the 1st-day pre-order experience was horrible for people waiting for months to Pre-order the Pixel 6.

Apple, in this regard, has been always great at handling millions of users pre-ordering their newest apple devices. They sell millions of them in the first week. Google has a lot of learning to do if they really want a good place in the flagship smartphone marketplace.

Shipping saga continues

It’s one thing launching a new amazing flagship phone with all the bells and whistles. but, shipping them to consumers is as important, if not more. Sure, there is a pretty huge global chip shortage going on right now. And Google has already doubled the production of a number of Pixel 6 units for this year. but the Google Store’s primary shipping partner: FedEx has a history of making Pixel shipping experience the worst, at least in the US. we are hoping it does a better job this year.

Google has spent a ton of money in marketing the Pixel 6 this year, but we are not seeing major changes in any other part of their supply chain management Or launching the phones with major retailers. Unlike apple, Most of the stores in the US don’t even carry Google Pixels in the store or shelves. Only time will tell if Google is changing their game this year with the Pixel 6 launch.

PS. the pixel 6 pro is already out of stock both in the US and the UK at this time. and Google has already started taking orders on the waitlist for all the out-of-stock phones.

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