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Google will send Pixel Buds A if you forgot to get it with the Pixel 6 Offer

The Pre-order frenzy was one of the peak moments for the Google Pixel 6 Launch. In the US, Google is giving away a free pair of their Pixel Buds A series as a promo offer with Pixel 6. UK customers are even happier as they are getting Bose 700 headphones with Pixel 6.

Although the Google store crashed in a few minutes the pre-orders opened. Many buyers weren’t aware of the full details of the offer due to a poor explanation of the offer. In the rush, they forgot to add the Pixel buds A to the cart while ordering the phone. The process involves adding both products to your cart “to receive the bundle offer.”  

Reddit; r/Pixel6

However Many, like the above Reddit user, realized this after placing their pre-orders. Many of them had to cancel and repeat the order, which already took them hours in the first place.

US/CA only: If you’re eligible for the Pixel Buds A-Series offer but forgot to add Pixel Buds A-Series to your phone order, don’t worry. We’ll send an email by November 3rd with next steps on how to redeem the offer.


They also sent out an email to such customers. There was a notice on Google Store today about the same issue. They revealed that the affected customers will be getting their chance to redeem the offer via email. Google also explained that “some products may experience longer-than-expected delivery dates” and that the estimated delivery dates “can change.” 

Google Pixel 6 with Free Pixel Buds A offer

The offer also applies to buyers who order their Pixel 6 by subscribing to Pixel Pass or Google Fi offer.

Retailers like Target, experienced a similar issue when they ran out of stock of Pixel buds A. they started giving out a $99 discount on the Pixel 6. But soon realized, that it can not be a long time solution. They are currently asking customers to wait for a separate email to get their Pixel Buds A.

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